Time to get Treated

Let us help you get off the HSE waiting list.

Traveling to Spain for your medical treatment is easy.
Our priority is to ensure that you feel safe from referral to procedure to recovery.

We make it easy for you.

Traveling to Spain for your medical treatment is easy.

Your patient journey means that you get the best treatment for your specific needs, and our handholding approach guarantees that we are with you every step of the way.

From the beginning we will help you make the right choices.
We will liaise with your GP to help you get your letter of referral and to identify the correct consultant in Barcelona.

Once in Barcelona we will organise all aspects of your stay, see you safely back home post procedure, and of course deal with the HSE on your behalf.

Your First Steps.

Your journey off the waiting list starts with an email or phone call to us.

A member of our team will contact you back and discuss your specific requirements.
In the event that further information is required, we will transmit your inquiry to our medical team, who will solve any doubts you may have.

We can discuss your procedure and answer any questions you may have by phone, or we can meet with you in our office in Dublin.

We will also explain the cost and financing of the procedure.
Remember the HSE must reimburse you the full amount for your treatment.

Our Next Steps.

We will liaise with your GP to get your letter of referral, and contact the HSE on your behalf.

Reserve a date and time for your procedure with your preferred English speaking consultant in Barcelona.

Book your flights and hotel (if needed) in Barcelona.
Meet you at Barcelona airport when you arrive.
Transport you to your hospital and introduce you to your English speaking medical team.

Post Procedure.

We will transport you back to Barcelona airport and see you safely onto your return flight to Ireland.

Insure your medial notes are returned to your GP.

Send the final invoice to the HSE on your behalf and ensure that you are reimbursed your medical fees.

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