Waiting for Cataract Surgery?

Thinking of paying for the bus to Belfast?

Get your treatment in Barcelona, and your flight is on us!

Are you or a loved one on waiting for cataract surgery from the HSE?

Stop waiting for cataract surgery and come to the EU´s number one health care system, Spain and get your cataracts done in Barcelona.

Not only will the HSE have to reimburse you but we will pay for your flights and hotel!

Contact us for more information.

Monthly Flights

Each month we arrange for groups of Irish people to be treated by our English speaking consultants on the same day in one of our two preferred clinics in Barcelona.

Covid Upate

Due to the ongoing Covid outbreak, we have suspended our cataract flights for the next three weeks.
All patients have been informed.

Future Surgeries

May 12th to May 14th
Procedure 13th
Spaces Left: 5

How to get of the HSE cataract waiting list in four easy steps.

8 + 15 =

Step 1

Fill in our online application form or call us on
(01) 906 92 52.

Step 2

We will find the best consultant for you and take care of all the red tape.

Step 3

Get treated quickly when you want and on your own terms.

Step 4

When you return to home, we will assist you with your HSE reimbursement.