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It´s time to get off the HSE waiting list.

Are you or a loved one on a HSE waiting list?
Let us help you, use the EU Cross Border Directive to get off it.

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Fill in our online application form or call us on
(01) 906 92 52.

Step 2

We will find the best consultant for you and take care of all the red tape.

Step 3

Get treated quickly in Barcelona by an English speaking medical team.

Step 4

When you return to home, we will assist you with your HSE reimbursement.

Our Values


Travelling overseas for medical treatment may seem daunting.
Our priority is to ensure that you feel safe, all the way from referral to procedure to recovery.


You deserve your treatment.
Working with you and your GP we will identify the consultant and hospital that best suits your needs.


To ensure you have a positive experience we pick consultants and hospitals that have the highest standard of medical care.

  • Get treated quickly

Every patient waiting for an operation on a HSE waiting is entitled, under HSE rules and EU Law, to get off the list and receive their treatment in Spain, the EU’s number one* ranked healthcare system.

  • First class medical care

You will get your procedure in a state-of-the-art medical centre in Barcelona from an English speaking Consultant Surgeon and medical team.

  • With you all the way

Our unique handholding approach is designed assist to you off the HSE waiting list and see you get exceptional healthcare treatment in Spain.

Why Spain?
  • Number one in Europe

In a Healthcare Access and Quality Index Survey, *The Lancet Medical Journal ranked the Spanish health care system number one in EU.

  • Stress free recovery

Recovery is important after any operation, and recovery in a warm climate where the sun shines most days is good for you.

  • Commited to Europe

Spain, like Ireland is a committed member of the EU.
When you agree to have your procedure in Spain, all your rights are protected.

The Cross Border Directive.
In 2011, the European Union issued a directive called Cross Border Directive (CBD – 24/2011/EU).

This directive gives European citizens the right to choose to have medial procedures outside their country of residence, in the European country of their choice.

The directive also requires the national health system of the country of residence to pay for the procedure.

European citizen availing of this right must be entitled to their desired procedure on the national health service in their country of residence.

Thinking of using the UK?

Thinking of using the UK’s NHS or a UK private hospital for your procedure?

Consider Brexit.
You can arrange to have your procedure in the UK/NI.
But what happens if the UK Government suddenly decides to crash out of the EU, where might you be then?

The Kings Fund, a leading UK medical charity, recently warned in the event of a crash out Brexit “costs for non UK patients being treated in the UK could transfer to the individual”.
Read the full Kings Fund report here.

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