Cross Border Irish Health Care, is a unique blend of European people who joined together to shorten the waiting time for medical procedures in Ireland.

Cross Border Irish Health.

In 2011, the European Union issued a directive called Cross Border Directive (CBD – 24/2011/EU).
This directive gives European citizens the right to choose to have medial procedures outside their country of residence, in the European country of their choice.
The directive also requires the national health system of the country of residence to pay for the procedure.

European citizen availing of this right must be entitled to their desired procedure on the national health service in their country of residence.


Many Irish people who wish to use this right are deterred because of a lack of understanding of overseas healthcare systems, language and red tape.

Cross Border Irish Health helps Irish public patients find the correct European doctor for their procedure, arranges flights, transport & accommodation, and ultimately, reduces the time patients have to wait on on HSE waiting lists.

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