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The EU Cross Border Directive

The EU Cross Border Directive Entitles you to get your Medical Procedure in Barcelona.
And the HSE are obliged to reimburse the cost of the procedure.

We know traveling overseas for a medical procedure can be daunting.
That is what is why our handholding approach guarantees we are with you every step of the way.

From the beginning we will help you make the right choices.
We will liaise with your GP to get your letter of referral and identify the correct consultant in Barcelona.

Once in Barcelona we will organise all aspects of your hospital stay, see you safely back home post procedure, and of course deal with the HSE on your behalf.

Are you ready to use your entitlement under the EU Cross Border Directive?

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Get off the HSE waiting list with the EU Cross Border Directive
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Your first step off your HSE waiting list is to email us, or if you want to talk call us on (01) 906 92 52 , alternative fill out the application form.

dont wait for the HSE get off the list now

Trip Organization

We will find the best English speaking consultant for your procedure and take care of the HSE red tape.
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EU Cross Border Directive Health

Get Treated

Come to Barcelona when you want and get treated by your English speaking medial team.
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Reimbursement EU Cross Border Directive

Get Reimbursed

When you arrive home in Ireland we will assist you with the HSE reimbursement process.
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Your first step off the HSE waiting list starts here.
Fill out our application form, email us or call us on (01) 906 9252 .

Your application will be processed by our patient care team.
After we have reviewed your application, your personal patient manager will contact you confirming the next step.

Filling in our application form or contacting us does not imply any type of obligation on your behalf.

Trip Organisation

We take the hassle out of collecting all the necessary paperwork, finding the correct hospital and English speaking consultant for your procedure.

You need to get a letter of referral from your GP, or waiting list letter from your hospital.
With either of those letters we will find the correct hospital and consultant for you in Barcelona.

If your operation is an inpatient procedure, you should come to Barcelona for a pre-assessment consultation with your English speaking consultant, which we will arrange for you.
Your consultant will prepare a report that will be used in your HSE application.

Next we will work with you and prepare and submit the documents the HSE need for pre-approval.
Your application will be processed by the HSE within 15 to 20 working days.
Depending on the efficiency of the HSE, the waiting period maybe shorter or longer.

If your operation is a daycase procedure you can come directly to Barcelona without a pre-assessment consultation.

Under HSE rules and the EU Directive requirements, you will pay for the procedure in advance and HSE MUST reimburse you.

We will arrange all your flights, accommodation, meet you at the airport, and transport you to and from all your appointments

Get Treated

When you arrive we will meet you at Barcelona airport.
Transport you to your hospital and introduce you to your English speaking medical team.

Post procedure, we will transport you back to Barcelona airport and see you safely back onto your flight home.

We will send all your discharge documents, translated into English, to your GP so you can receive the post procedure care you need.


After you leave Barcelona, we will prepare the translation of all the documents into English so you can claim your reimbursement. If you want we can submit all documentation to the HSE on your behalf.

The EU Cross Border Directive is clear, the HSE is obliged to reimburse you without undue delay.
Reimbursement should be processed by the HSE within 20 to 23 working days of receipt of the documents.
However, the HSE say that the current wait for reimbursement is 3 to 4 months.

The HSE deal with reimbursements in date order.
If your reimbursement pack does not contain all the necessary documents, the HSE will inform you which missing documents they need and they will put your application to the back of the reimbursement list until they receive them.
We insure all the correct documents are submitted first time.

Are Your Ready to get off the HSE Waiting List and get Treated under the EU Cross Border Directive?

The EU Cross Border Directive

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