Inpatient Treatment

Travelling overseas for inpatient treatment can be a stressful experience.
On this page we have set out in eight steps, how to arrange your inpatient treatment in Spain with us.

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If you need information about daycase treatment, click here.
Inpatients are advised to get prior authorisation for their procedures, day patients aren´t.

Step 1. Contact

If you are on a HSE waiting list for a procedure, or if you are waiting to see a consultant, you can skip the waiting list and get your procedure done now, in Barcelona.
What´s more the HSE have to reimburse the cost of the procedure.

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Step 2. Analysis and Budget

Our medical team will ask you to provide as much information as possible about your condition.
They will use this information to find the correct English-speaking consultant and hospital in Barcelona and negotiate a price with them for the procedure that doesn´t exceed the HSE guidelines.

Step 3. Deposit
The HSE suggests that people who need inpatient treatment should apply for prior authorisation.
However, in order to receive prior authorisation, the HSE insist that you visit your English-speaking consultant in Barcelona for a pre-assessment consultation.

We will arrange your consultation in Barcelona with your English speaking consultant.

If you have all your most recent, scans, x-rays and so on you will not have to pay a deposit, however if you are not in possession of your scans and x-rays we will ask you to pay a refundable deposit to cover the costs of any scans or x-rays that will your consultant in Barcelona requests.

Step 4. Pre-Assessment

We will work with you and your English-speaking consultant in Barcelona to arrange a date for your pre-assessment consultation.
Once the date is agreed we will book your flights from Ireland to Barcelona, and if needed your hotel.
We will meet you at Barcelona airport and take you to the hospital to see your English-speaking consultant, wait while you meet with the consultant, and after the consultation we will take you to your hotel or back to the airport.

Step 5. HSE Approval

After you return to Ireland we will prepare and send all the documents the HSE need for prior authorisation including, the referral letter from your GP or wating list letter from your hospital, the report from your consultant in Barcelona and proof you travelled for the consultation.


The HSE take between 3 to 4 weeks to issue prior-authorisation.

Step 6. Pay for the Procedure

Once the HSE have issued your prior authorisation letter, you have pay for the procedure less any deposit that you have already paid.

HSE rules are clear, you have to pay for the procedure in advance.
The HSE will reimburse the cost after the procedure.

You can use the prior authorisation letter for credit if you need it.

Step 7. Get Treated
7We will work with you and your English-speaking consultant in Barcelona to arrange the dates for your procedure. Once we have the dates, we will book your flight and hotel.

We will meet you at the airport, and transport you to the hospital for your procedure.

Of course, we won’t be with you during the procedure, but we will check in as soon as you are out from it, and are on call for you.

When you are ready to go home, we will take to the airport and see you safely on your flight back to Ireland.

Step 8. HSE Reimbursement
When you are back in Ireland, we will prepare all the documents your GP needs for your medical records and the documents the HSE need for reimbursement, including the invoice from the hospital, the prior authorisation letter, proof of travel and so on, and submit them to the HSE for reimbursement.

It takes the HSE between three and four months to issue the reimbursement

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