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Clínica Diagonal

Based in the university district to the west of Barcelona Clínica Diagonal, has over 35 years in healthcare.

Clínica Diagonal is a fully integrated and technologically advanced hospital.

The hospital offers a full range of medial and surgical services.
It has 91 recovery rooms with all mod cons including wi-fi, TV, extra beds for patient partners.

Visit the Clínica Diagonal English language website.

Teknon Medical Centre

Set in the hills overlooking Barcelona, Teknon Medical Centre is one of the leading hospitals in Spain.

Teknon prides itself on its culture of quality management which is aimed at providing the best treatment and patient satisfaction with the highest standards of safety.

Teknon is proud of its culture of innovation, and the ongoing introduction of the latest advances, and best practice in medical care.

Visit the Teknon Medical Centre English language website.

Clínica Sagrada Familia

Clinica Sagrada Familia is a modern and well established private medical facility located in The Three Towers district of Barcelona.

The hospital was first opened in 1970 and today has more than 150 medical and surgical specialists at its disposal.

The Clinica Sagrada Familia is constantly striving in its pursuit of both technological and personal innovation and are proud to offer a fully comprehensive, efficient and friendly medical service.

Visit the Teknon Medical Centre Spanish language website.


Based in The Three Towers district of Barcelona the Institut Català de Retina is a specialised centre for eye care.

The centre, which has been operating for over 30 years, is committed to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of eye diseases, the visual system and the accessory visual structures.

At the ICR they use cutting edge technology, for diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and treatment, and they are committed to minimally invasive surgery, which allows for faster patient recovery.

Visit the IRC English language website.

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